What and Why of Utilizing Small Batch Production

There’s a lot that goes into making truly good foods from ingredients to preparation, the steps we take are essential to making the best possible product. To that end we make all our products using small batch methods and use nothing but real ingredients.

What Is Small Batch Production?

 For us small batch production means we are using processes and techniques that might not be seen as “cost-efficient” in a mass production setting, but enables us to create a superior final product for home consumption.

When recipes are mass produced by giant machines sacrifices need to be made in either ingredient quality or additives to keep things going quickly and efficiently, and to that end the authenticity of the recipe suffers. We choose to produce smaller volumes of our products at one time so we don’t sacrifice that quality you’ve come to expect.

Real Ingredients

Speaking of ingredient quality, when it comes to what we produce we have a mantra: Only make what you’d be happy to serve in your own home. To that end we source only real, quality ingredients. You won’t find any preservatives or additives in our food and always aim to go a step above using labour intensive ingredient preparations such as caramelizing or roasting.

Does Small Batch Matter?

With small batch production, the attention to detail you get is going to be greater than anything being produced at scale. We are then able to make sure that the taste of everything we make is consistent and exactly what you’d expect from a premium product such as ours.

Small batch preserves the quality, it ensures authenticity and helps keep us sustainable as we know exactly the amount of ingredients we need for every batch.